Commercial Loan: 

A commercial loan is a debt-based funding arrangement between a business and a financial institution, perfect example for that would be a bank. The usage of commercial loans are often used to fund Major capital expenditures, it can also cover operational costs that the company have difficulty affording. 

Real Estate Loan:

Real Estate Loan is a transferred Loan that is secured primarily by a mortgage, deed of trust or similar lien on commercial real estate (other than hotels, restaurants and casinos) or residential real estate. Real Estate Loan are primary made to investors such as corporations or organizations that own and operate commercial real estate.

Mortgage Rate Reduction (refinance):

Essentially, a mortgage rate reduction program will help to replace your current mortgage with a new one that has the possibility of; a better balance and/or shorter term. How it work is that the lender will provide you with a new mortgage to pay off the old one, and your new mortgage will be taking effective.

Start-Up Business Loan:

A loan that is dedicated to people who wish to use the funding on their start-up business, it usually covers the initial costs needed in order to start a new business.

Cash Out Refinance:

Unlike mortgage rate reduction (refinancing), a cash out loan replaces your current mortgage with a bigger mortgage, and the difference between the two mortgages will be given to you in cash. The cash that was given has no restriction, and can be spent on virtually anything.

SBA Start-Up Loan:

SBA start-up loan  is a government administrative loan that does the same as a start-up business loan, it's issued by private lenders but backed by federal government.

Business Line of Credit:

Imagine a credit card, but intended for business usage only. A business line of credit are often used by owner to withdrawal the amount of money needed in business related matters, later repaying an interest on the portion of the borrowed money.

Merchant Cash Advance 

Merchant Cash Advance is a quick way for merchants to get funds, it skips the process of evaluation that traditional bankers and lenders use, the amount of cash advance available will be based on the credit card sales the business has deposited. Due to it's more risky nature, the provider of Merchant Cash Advance services usually charges a higher rate than other financing options.

Equipment Investment Loan

Equipment Investment Loans are business loans that's intended for business to purchase machinery and equipments in order to properly start up their business. You can buy anything necessity in order to make the business look nice and functions, ranging from tables to computers, and stoves. 

Construction Loan

Construction Loan are a type of business loan that is intended for usage or involvement on a construction of some kind.

Project Funding

Funding that helps to secure a project or a long term infruvstature 


Funding that will be used in investment, usually in hope to grow it's portfolio to receive a stable income.

Angel Funding

Usually for individuals who wish to use some of their capital to invest in small start-up and businesses in exchange of equity of the company.


A contract or policy in which the holder will receive financial protection from possible losses, the contract would be provided by a insurance company in exchange of recurrance fee.

Real Estate Business

The process in which buying a real estate property and selling it for profit.